About GreatData


GreatData was incorporated in Florida in 1992 as Professional Computer Consulting. Beyond consulting, we created tools for ourselves and other programmers.

When the Internet was in its infancy in late 1993, we offered our tools on the web, including a U.S. ZIP Code data file. At the time there were few computer systems verifying city and state by utilizing ZIP Code Data. However, it quickly caught on as a great time-saver and it became very popular.

Client requests began to pour in: Can you add Area Codes? Can you add Time Zones? As we determined the needs, we met them by creating quality products. This took many hours of manual labor, but because of the great encouragement and compliments of some of our clients, we pressed on to bring these products to market.

We have created a lot of 'firsts' over the years:

  • The first company to sell ZIP Code data over the Internet, including our add-ons of Latitude / Longitude, Area Codes, FIPS Codes, MSA Codes and Time Zones.
  • The first company to sell Canadian Postal CodesOM, including our Canada Complete product which provides additional cities per postal codes.
  • The first to create and sell Mexican Postal Codes.
  • Many of our products are unique to GreatData such as our Pro-ZIP Code Deluxe data which is ideal for use in address validation and locators, along with our City Center Points and Multiple City Spellings data.
  • We have an original web-based extractor which takes the complexity out of dealing with Census data. It enables clients to select only the data they need, in the format they prefer. It also allows combining of multiple fields into one such as age groups (1-4, 5-8, etc.) into one group of children aged 1-19!
  • We also have other unique products such as Multiple Area Codes per ZIP Code data and our Multi-County Max product which helps you accurately find the correct county for an address.

GreatData.com is now a North Carolina corporation.