Alternate City Names Database

Alternate City Names This database contains over 25,000 U.S. and Canadian alternate city names. Includes common misspellings, abbreviations, alias names, former names, widely accepted names, etc. Each record has two fields, the Alternate/ Non-Standard Name and the matching Standard City Name.

This database is ideal for city validation in store locators, address verification processes, and anytime deriving a city's correct name/spelling is required.

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Database Specs & Features

Download Sample Data (CSV)

  • Immediate Download

    Download of the city alias database is available immediately upon purchase and for the duration of the annual subscription.

  • Quarterly Updates

    A monthly update of this database is not necessary, so we update our database quarterly and recommend that you download quarterly as well.

  • Free FTP/SFTP (upon request)

    To update your database without human intervention, we can provide an FTP address for you to write a script to access. Just request it after purchase.

  • Data Format - CSV

    Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Text File

  • Alternate City Name

    Common city misspellings, abbreviations, city alias names, former names, widely accepted names, etc

  • Standard City Name

    Official city or township name