Canadian Dissemination Areas

Census Dissemination Area in St. John's NL This product joins Canadian Postal CodesOM to their corresponding Census Dissemination Area (DA). A DA is the smallest standard geographic area for which all census data elements are disseminated.  There are 56,204 Dissemination Areas, therefore there will be many Postal CodesOM belonging to a DA (averaging about 15 Postal CodesOM per DA). DAs are subsets of Canadian Census Tracts. A Dissemination Area can have a population of between 400 - 700 people.

This data is similar to that found in Statistics Canada's Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF), but is updated regularly, not every 5 years.

This product can be used for developing Canadian sales territory assignments or for compiling Canadian Census Demographics.

Below is a map of a Dissemination Area in St. John's Newfoundland. The green areas are DAs which are part of Tract 0003.02. The red numbers are adjoining tracts.

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