115th Congressional Districts ZIP+4

*This version is up-to-date and reflects final court rulings in districts that faced legal challenges in the most recent election (NC, VA, & FL)

cbsa codes This product provides a current listing of 115th Congressional Districts by 9-digit ZIP Code. Sometimes a ZIP Code spans more than one Congressional District, so using the 9-digit ZIP+4 is a better option than our 5-digit ZIP Code Congressional Districts product. The foundation of this product is true commercial grade ZIP+4 data. From there we utilize multiple sources – including our own plotting when necessary – to obtain a complete and accurate 9-digit ZIP Code to Congressional District relationship. Plus, we add some extras such as congressional representatives by name, primary county, primary city, etc.

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  • Data Format - CSV

    Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Text File

  • ZIP Code

    Official U.S. Postal Service five digit ZIP Code

  • District Number

    2-digit district number. Notes: ‘98’ is used for U.S. territories such as Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands which have congressional delegates, but not true representatives. Also, if there is only one district for a state (due to low population, such as Alaska), the district ‘99’ will be used.

  • City

    Primary City for this ZIP Code

  • County

    Primary county for this ZIP Code.

  • State

    Official U.S. Postal Service State Abbreviation

  • Sequence Number

    Rank given to ZIPs with more than one district (primary, secondary, etc)

  • Coverage Percentage

    Estimated District coverage percentage (some ZIP Codes span more than one disctrict).

  • Rep. First Name

    Representative's first name may include middle initials.

  • Rep. Last Name

    Representative's last name may include a suffix such as ‘Jr.’.

  • Rep. Nickname

    Representative's nick name, if applicable.

  • Vacancy Flag

    Contains ‘Y’ if the seat is currently vacant, otherwise ‘N’.