commercial zip code database

A Free ZIP Code Database with Latitude and Longitude

Free ZIP Code Latitude and Longitude Database (Last Updated: April, 2014)

 Because we've examined other free ZIP Code data downloads and found them to have very old, inaccurate data, we've created this free product for those who need a reasonably accurate file to test in their app. If you will be using ZIP Codes in a commercial product, we highly recommend purchasing our premium products.

You are free to download and use this database as you wish as long as you credit (a link on your website to is ok) and do not sell any portion.

This file is derived from the Census ZCTA records (why that matters) and we’ve supplemented it with USPS ZIP Codes that are normally omitted from Census data; making it a complete list. The place names (city and county) are primarily from the Census bureau. We used geometric calculations to determine latitude and longitude with an approximate 6 mile margin of accuracy. The file includes the following fields: ZIP Codes, City, State, County, Latitude, and Longitude. We revise it regularly to keep it current.

Recommended Uses

This free file is ideal for use in non-critical systems or by students. It may be suitable for some low-precision statistical analysis or smaller applications where accuracy isn’t as crucial. It is not intended for typical commercial applications.

How this Differs from our Commercial ZIP Code Database

Compared to this free census version, which was created in a few hours, our commercial grade database uses multiple sources and algorithms that have matured for 20 years. It is truly Enterprise Class data that is highly accurate. Our verification and standardization process ensures that it is extremely clean, rigidly standard/ uniform, and has no duplicates. It contains precise population-based latitude/ longitude centroids, Area Codes, Time Zones, FIPS, MSA Codes, and much more.