Mexico Postal Codes, Lat/Long, Time Zones Database

Mexico Latitude Longitude Our enterprise-grade Mexican Postal Codes database with Latitude, Longitude, and Time Zones has been in the making for the past 20 years. As better mapping techniques became available, we have utilized them to provide an extremely accurate and clean product. We standardize the data to ensure consistency in spelling, casing, and to have uniform naming conventions. This database is for companies located in and outside of Mexico. There are 140,000+ records made up of 32,000 unique Mexico Postal Codes. Each postal code may cover multiple towns or neighborhoods. This database is updated regularly.

Diacritics (accented characters as in México)

This data includes three Character Sets: UTF-8 (commonly used), ISO‐8859‐1 (aka ISO Latin‐1), and ASCII for legacy systems that won’t accept accented characters. All are currently included as part of the download.

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Database Specs & Features

Download Sample Data (CSV)

  • Immediate Download

    Download is available immediately upon purchase and for the duration of the annual subscription.

  • Regular Updates

    We update our database as changes become available. We recommend you download the latest on a monthly or quarterly basis.

  • Free FTP/SFTP (upon request)

    To update your database without human intervention, we can provide an FTP address for you to write a script to access. Just request it after purchase.

  • Multi-Cities per Postal Code

    If a Postal Code boundary covers more than one city, each city is listed as a separate record.

  • Data Format - CSV

    Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Text File

  • Postal Code

    The Mexican postal code is a 5-digit integer, similar to the U.S. ZIP Code.

  • State Code

    State Abbreviation - can be from 2‐4 characters long

  • Type Code

    Type Code - Abbreviation for District Type: COL (Colonia), UHAB (Unidad Habitacional), etc.

  • Place Name

    Place Names (towns or neighborhoods) - up to 60 characters long

  • Municipality Name

    This is a region within a state or a division in a large city. For instance, Mexico City has 16 delegations: Alvaro Obregon, Benito Juarez, etc.

  • Major City Name

    If postal code is part of a main city, it’s listed here. Rural areas do not have anything in this field. This can be up to 40 characters.

  • Sequence Number

    A unique number we created to easily differentiate the many Place Names within a postal code. A single postal code can have dozens of place names.

  • Mexico Latitude Longitude

    The format for Latitude is: 99.999999 and the format for Longitude is: ‐999.999999.  Note that west longitudes (all of the Mexico locations), contain a negative number.

  • Time Zone

    This is the time from UTC (Universal Coordinated Time), which are negative numbers in this hemisphere.

  • Daylight Saving Time

    Mexico Postal Codes can have 3 options: ‘MX’ (observes Mexican Daylight Saving Time), ‘US’ (a border city that chooses to observe U.S. Daylight Saving Time), or ‘NO’ (not observed)