ZIP+4 with Latitude and Longitude

9 digit zip Starting with the latest USPS ZIP+4 database containing 45 million records, we attempt to match each ZIP+4 to its latitude and longitude coordinates. Our current exact match rate is 80% and growing. A record without an exact match is populated with the latitude and longitude of the ZIP Code center. In order to keep the file size to a minimum (currently ~100MB) we’ve combined ZIP+4 ranges that have the same latitude and longitude. This reduces the number of records to about 2.65 million.

This database is designed to provide a more refined latitude and longitude for address data. A ZIP+4 is used by the U.S. Postal Service to facilitate a more precise mail routing system. It is usually a segment of one side of a street and may include many addresses. For that reason, it is not suitable for pinpointing exact addresses but is significantly more granular than normal ZIP Code geocodes.

Annual Subscription
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Database Specs & Features

Download Sample Data (CSV)

  • FTP Download

    Due to file size, an FTP directory will be provided and updated as new releases occur for the duration of the annual subscription.

  • Quarterly Updates

    A monthly update of this database is not necessary, so we update our database quarterly and recommend that you download quarterly as well.

  • Free FTP/SFTP (upon request)

    To update your database without human intervention, we can provide an FTP address for you to write a script to access. Just request it after purchase.

  • Data Format - CSV

    Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Text File

  • 5-digit Zip Code

    Official U.S. Postal Service five digit ZIP Code

  • 4-digit (+4) Range Start

    A 4-digit Beginning +4 Number. This is the starting range for the ZIP+4 code.

  • 4-digit (+4) Range End

    A 4-digit Ending +4 Number. This is the ending range for the ZIP+4 code.

  • Latitude

    The Latitude is 2 digits, followed by up to 6 decimal positions.

  • Longitude

    The Longitude begins with a negative sign (-) followed by 2 or 3 digits and has up to 6 decimal positions. The negative sign indicates we are in the Western hemisphere.