Counties by ZIP+4 Database

Multiple Counties ZIP+4

This product provides a way to accurately identify the county for any 9-digit ZIP Code. This is particularly beneficial in determining the county for a given address containing ZIP+4 while keeping the database to a manageable size. We were able to significantly reduce the number of records normally required for this type of operation by listing each ZIP+4 range and the corresponding county instead of each individual code.

Unlike standard 5-digit ZIP Codes, 9-digit ZIP Codes typically do not span multiple counties. The file includes all counties for each 9-digit ZIP Code and much more (see features at right).
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Multiple Counties by ZIP Code

This product is used for quickly obtaining determining a county based on 9-digit ZIP Codes (ZIP+4) with the efficiency of a smaller dataset.
  • Tax calculations
  • Insurance rate calculations
  • HMO coverage area determination
  • Sales territory assignments
  • Fraud detection
  • Data Verification
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