ZIP+4 Address Database

9 Digit ZIP Code Address Database

GreatData’s ZIP+4 Address Database is comparable to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) ZIP+4 Database. To minimize the download size, it is available in a comma-delimited file (CSV). The size of the download file is around 500MB zipped up and will extract to approximately 4GB. The database contains about 46 million records which includes most of the same fields found in the U.S. Postal Service’s ZIP+4 database product. We excluded some fields that are used internally by the US Postal Service but are rarely used by other businesses. See a list of fields in the Specs & Features section at right and feel free to download a sample.

We are a licensed distributor of U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and Canada PostOM Postal and ZIP Code databases.

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Address List - ZIP+4

This data is well suited for any number of applications including in-house address verification programs. Included with the ZIP+4 database download is a city/state master file to provide valuable cross-reference information. It's normalization reduces the overall download size.

Learn more: View the Product Documentation / Watch our Accuracy Matters video

Database Specs

ZIP+4 Low Range

This is the starting range for the ZIP+4 code. (4 digits)

ZIP+4 High Range

This is the ending range for the ZIP+4 code. (4 digits)

Record Type Code

Single character code: F=Firm (business), G=General Delivery, H=High-rise, P=PO Box, R=Rural Route / Highway contract, S=Street

Street Pre-Direction

Abbreviation (2 characters). ‘N’, ‘SE’, etc.

Street Name

Name of Street(28 characters)

Street Suffix

Examples: ST, AVE, RD, BLVD, etc. (4 characters)

Street Post-Direction

Abbreviation (2 characters). ‘N’, ‘SE’, etc.

Address Low Range

May contain numbers and/or letters (10 characters)

Address High Range

May contain numbers and/or letters (10 characters)

Address Odd/Even

Odd/Even/Both code (O,E,B - 1 character). This is used with the Low / High address ranges. For instance: this ZIP+4 pertains to addresses from 100 – 400 Main ST, Even numbers.

Bldg. Firm Name

Building / Firm Name. For example: Empire State Building. (40 characters)

Address 2nd Abbr

Secondary info only applies to record types F & H). Typically will have ‘UNIT, APT, STE.’ (4 characters)

Address 2nd Low Range

This is alphanumeric and may be a suite number or apartment, such as ‘3B.’ (10 characters)

Address 2nd High Range

This is alphanumeric and may be a suite number or apartment, such as ‘3B.’ (10 characters)

Address 2nd Odd/Even

Odd/Even/Both code (O,E,B - 1 character). This is used with the Low / High 2nd address ranges, for instance: this ZIP+4 pertains to addresses from 100 – 400 Main ST, Even numbers.

B/A Code

Base vs. Alternate Code - B,A (1 character)

LACS Status

LACS Status Indicator Code: L=LACS Converted, blank=Not Applicable (1 character)

Gov Bldg Indicator

Government Building Indicator:A=City, B=Federal, C=State, D=Firm Only, E=City and Firm Only, F=Federal and Firm Only, G=State and Firm Only (1 character)

City/State Key

Usually this is a letter, followed by 5 digits, but sometimes is just a 4 or 5-digit number (6 characters)


This corresponds to the City/State Key. Sometimes it will be the same as the Preferred City, but not often (28 characters)

City Abbr

Abbreviated City. For cities that are over 13 characters long, this will be the city name abbreviated to no more than 13 characters. Some legacy systems need this. (13 characters)

Pref. City/State Key

Preferred City/State Key. Similar to the City/State key, but for the preferred city. (6 characters)

Pref. City

Preferred City (28 characters)

City Delivery Flag

Y=The USPS delivers in the city, N=USPS does not deliver in the city. Occurs in rural areas, Unique ZIPs, Post Office ZIPs (1 character)

Mailing Name Flag

If the city name can be used for mailing, it will be a ‘Y’, otherwise an ‘N’ (1 character)

State Abbr.

State Abbreviation (2 characters)


County name (25 characters)

County FIPS

County FIPS Code (3 digits)

Congressional District

Congressional District Code - Note: At Large = 'AL' (2 characters)

Pref. City/State Key

Preferred City State Key (6 characters)

Facility Code

B=Post Office Branch, C=Community Post Office, N=Non-Postal Community Name, P=Post Office, S=Station, U=Urbanization-used only in Puerto Rico (1 character)

ZIP Classification

ZIP Code Classification Code - This code will repeat for all occurrences of this ZIP: M=Military APO/FPO/DPO, P=Exclusively used for PO Boxes, U=Unique (Organizations that have high mail volume can receive their own unique ZIP Code), Blank=General Delivery ZIP Code (1 character)

Unique Name Flag

If ZIP Code is unique and the ‘city’ name is the organization name, this will be ‘Y’, otherwise ‘N’ (1 character)

Database Sources

We are licensees of USPS database products. We use multiple sources and our own internal algorithms based on decades of experience to provide you with the most accurate product available.

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