Area Code by ZIP Code

All ZIP Code to Area Code Combinations Included

Our Area Code by ZIP Code product is ideal for Webmasters and Fraud Detection Specialists who need to validate whether the Area Code a user enters corresponds with their ZIP Code. This is a one-to-many relationship where all ZIP Code to Area Code combinations are included. This unique Area Code by ZIP Code database includes area code splits and overlays*.

*An Area Code Overlay is an alternate Area Code that applies to the same area as another Area Code. Overlays were created so that an area code would not have to be split again. For instance, Miami has 305 for their main area code, but 786 is a valid, alternate area code within the same geographic area.

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Multiple Area Codes by ZIP Code

This is simply the best, most straightforward way to validate a ZIP Code to Area Code combination. We include all area codes by ZIP Code combinations.

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Database Specs

Data Format - CSV

Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Text File

5 Digit ZIP Code

Official U.S. Postal Service five digit ZIP Code

3 Digit Area Code

All standard Area Code by ZIP Code combinations are listed. Toll-free Area codes such as 800, 866, 877 and other specialty area codes are not included. The first digit is in the range of 2-9, the second digit can be a 0-8, and the third digit can be a 0-9.

Database Sources

We are licensees of USPS database products, but we enhance our Area Codes by ZIP Code data based on decades of experience to provide you with the most accurate product available.

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