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Our Parent ZIP Codes product is used when you have ZIP Codes that don't have a corresponding record in our Census Demographics by ZIP Code product. This occurs primarily for PO Boxes where there is no population, therefore there is no census data available. About one fourth of ZIP Codes don't have census demographics. For instance, if you wanted to get average household income for a list of prospects, but some records have PO Boxes, you can get the demographics for the area where the PO Box is located by using this file to cross-reference the PO Box's ZIP Code with the delivery address ZIP Code in the surrounding area.
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Parent ZIP Codes for Census Database

At the time the U.S. Census Bureau conducts a Census every decade, ZIP Codes without residential addresses (PO Boxes and ZIP Codes in business districts) won't have any demographics assigned to them. This accounts for about 20% of all ZIP Codes. When an individual or business address is a PO Box, you need to know a nearby ZIP Code with a residential population in order to get good demographics. Our Parent ZIP Code provides you with that nearby ZIP Code.

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Database Sources

We are licensees of USPS database products, and license the Parent ZIP Code data from a mapping company and add our own improvements, based on our decades of experience.

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