Business & Research

Are our databases precise enough for professional research? Yes. Whether, ZIP Codes, Congressional Districts, Rural Urban & Suburban, Census Stats & Demographics, CBSA Codes, or ZIP+4 databases, they truly meet research quality standards as well as the mission-critical needs of an enterprise. Some of the largest companies in the world rely on our products.

Sourcing & Refinement

We use data collected from several government agencies as well as our own plotting and research. Our creative processes are specific to each database. For instance, the process for ZIP Codes is a lot of clean-up and standardization. Whereas our Rural Urban & Suburban database requires lots of math. Many products require map plotting for geocoding and routine verification.

High Standards

Even low-end data suppliers say they are the best. Unfortunately, there are several low-end data products proclaiming titles like ‘premium’ and ‘commercial-grade’ and this often frustrates a consumer’s ability to distinguish true enterprise level from false. This seems particularly true for ZIP Code lists. We sincerely invite you to compare us. We’re sure you will find our data vastly superior.

How are high and low quality databases different?

Whether it's a congressional districts, CBSA lists, or population by ZIP Code, the authoritativeness of data rests upon where and how it's derived. We strongly recommend reading this brief summary before purchasing a ZIP Code database from anywhere.

Enterprise Databases... Clean, Precise, Current

For over 30 years GreatData has matured its processes to provide the finest enterprise level databases on the market.

Compared to the many low-end, repackaged government database products on the market today, we use the best sources to obtain the most current and accurate data possible. ZIP Code databases sourced from the Census Bureau or US Postal Service may have thousands of duplicates, different spellings for the same place, and numerous out-of-date records. Our zip code database is very clean and appropriately lean. We utilize a sophisticated cleaning and standardization process that is unmatched in the industry. Our excellence is a result of years of experience and a desire to deliver precision products based on very high standards. We believe most of our customers will yield a greater return on their investment by choosing a superior data product. Good data can save thousands... bad data is costly.

We not only guarantee a clean, accurate, and up-to-date database product, we believe it to be the finest in the industry.

How our Database Subscriptions Work

Becoming a subscriber to any of our database products is easy and your satisfaction is guaranteed. When you purchase an annual subscription, you may immediately download and use the data. Then, download as often as you like for the duration of your subscription.

Our ZIP Code and Postal Code databases change regularly so it’s a good idea to get a fresh copy every month or so. Our specialty data changes less frequently but improvements and updates do occur throughout the year. In fact, with recent advances in mapping technologies, some of these products have never been as accurate as they are now.

When your subscription nears its end, we will notify you within a couple weeks of the expiration. If you wish to continue your subscription, you can choose to renew without interruption, or simply let it expire. The bulk of our clients select auto-renew. This is safe because we always notify you prior to renewing anything so you have plenty of time to determine your preference. More importantly, we are committed to insuring your satisfaction and are determined that you will not have any misgivings about doing business with

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our support desk has real people and is located at our headquarters here in the United States.