Alternate City Names Database

Common City Names and Spellings

This database contains over 25,000 U.S. and Canadian alternate city names. Includes common misspellings, abbreviations, alias names, former names, widely accepted names, etc. Each record has two fields, the Alternate/ Non-Standard Name and the matching Standard City Name.

This database is ideal for city validation in store locators, address verification processes, and anytime deriving a city's correct name/spelling is required.

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Alternate City Validation Names

Examples of alternate city names / city alias names: Fort Myers Beach (standard) - Ft Myers Beach, Ft. Myers Beach, Ft Myers Bch, Ft. Myers Bch, Fort Myers Bch; Atlanta (standard) – ATL; Brooklyn (standard) – BKLYN; Phoenix (standard) – PHX; Washington

You may be surprised that the U.S. Postal Service does not already provide this data. A few alternate city spellings have made their way into postal data over the years but it is inconsistent and unpredictable, plus they’re at postal code level instead of city level.

As an added bonus, we include Canadian city alias names as well which matches our Canadian Postal Code database with Latitude and Longitude. Learn more: View the Product Documentation / Watch our Accuracy Matters video

Database Specs

Data Format - CSV

Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Text File

Alternate City Name

Common city misspellings, abbreviations, city alias names, former names, widely accepted names, etc

Standard City Name

Official city or township name

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