Canada Postal Code Database

Non-Geocoded Version

This Enterprise Class database is considerably better than an off-the-shelf list of Canada Postal CodesOM from Canada Post databases. It is extremely clean due to a continual verification process that we’ve honed longer than anyone (since the 1990's), which includes proper casing and standardized names. This file contains over 875,000 records with official city and township names. It is updated frequently to provide the most current and accurate database possible.

Note: If you want all of the cities that a postal code covers, try our truly unique CanadaPlus product. It contains an additional 375,000 cities and towns.

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Exceptionally Comprehensive

Our Canadian Postal CodesOM contains over 875,000 records. This list of Canada Postal CodesOM (a.k.a. Canada ZIP Codes list) is intended for Enterprise client and is excellent for determining the correct Area Code and Time Zone, meeting Canada Post requirements, along with city name standardization and verification.

Established Verification Methods

As the very first U.S. Company to ever license the list of Canadian Postal CodesOM from Canada Post, we know precision and accuracy is a result of a extensive verification process, cross-referencing with multiple resources, and stable methods. We’ve been refining our algorithms for identifying and resolving irregularities for about 25 years! Learn More:

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Canadian Postal Code Locator Information

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Database Specs

If a Postal Code boundary covers more than one city, each city is listed as a separate record.

Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Text File

The postal code is 7 characters in the following format: ANA NAN.  Please note that there is a space in the 4th position

The Province code is 2 characters (AB=Alberta, BC=British Columbia, MB=Manitoba, etc.)

The city/town is up to 30 characters long.

This 2 digit max field will contain a '1' for a postal code's primary city and increment for alternate cities.

The format is: ‐9999 (2‐digit hours and 2‐digit minutes relative to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)). All Time Zones in the Western Hemisphere are negative relative to the GMT. (-0500=Eastern, -0600=Central, etc.) Note: both Hours and Minutes are imperative for accuracy. For example, Newfoundland Island (not the mainland) is -0330 (minus 3 hours and 30 minutes from GMT), yet the Newfoundland mainland is -0400 hours from GMT.

Indicates whether Daylight Savings Time is observed in that Postal Code area.

The 3 digit Canadian area code.

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