Healthcare By ZIP Code Database

Insurance Coverage Statistics

This database lists the number of people having healthcare insurance per ZIP Code. It also provides helpful breakdowns such as age grouping, employer vs. direct purchase, Medicare recipients, and more.

We use Census counts and estimations to calculate the population per ZIP Code based on a ZCTA (Zip Code Tabulation Area). It is an approximation of a ZIP Code derived from U.S. Census Bureau databases.

This database is updated annually with the latest statistics. All population figures are estimates based on the best and most recent data available. The price includes an initial download and any updates made during the one year subscription period.

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Healthcare Coverage by ZIP Code

For each record, there is a ZIP Code, State, Primary City, Primary County and a current estimate of the total population for that ZIP Code. The following are the age groups of data provided:
  • Under 18 years old
  • 18-34 years old
  • 35-64 years old
  • 65 and older
Within the age groups are the following estimates per ZIP Code:
  • Total Population
  • People with Health Insurance from their employer
  • Those who purchased their insurance directly
  • Those with Medicare
  • Those with Medicaid
  • Those with TRICARE / Military health coverage
  • Those with VA health care
Note: those with multiple plans are not included (very few people have multiple plans). Learn more: View the Product Documentation / Watch our Accuracy Matters video

Database Specs

Data Format - CSV, Excel

Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Text File, Excel Spreadsheet (.xlsx)

5 Digit ZIP Code

Official U.S. Postal Service five digit ZIP Code


Official U.S. Postal Service state abbreviation

Primary City

Official city name used by the U.S. Postal Service

Primary County

The name of the county in which the ZIP Code is found.

Total Population by Age

Columns repeated by age group (<18, 18-34, 35-64, & 65+)

Employer Purchase

Columns repeated by age group (<18, 18-34, 35-64, & 65+)

Direct Purchase

Columns repeated by age group (<18, 18-34, 35-64, & 65+)


Columns repeated by age group (<18, 18-34, 35-64, & 65+)


Columns repeated by age group (<18, 18-34, 35-64, & 65+)


Columns repeated by age group (<18, 18-34, 35-64, & 65+)

VA Healthcare

Columns repeated by age group (<18, 18-34, 35-64, & 65+)


Columns repeated by age group (<18, 18-34, 35-64, & 65+)

Database Sources

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