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This high-end, enterprise class ZIP Code database is dramatically superior to the many repackaged U.S. ZIP Code database products on the market today. We use multiple sources to obtain the most accurate database possible. It is extremely clean due to our robust verification process. Without scrubbing, postal databases are filled with thousands of erroneous records, inconsistencies, and duplicates. Our extensive algorithms have matured for 30 years and are continuously updated as changes occur.

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At GreatData, we earnestly pursue creating databases that are current, accurate, and precise. Quality over quantity is our commitment to you.

Annual Subscription

Keep your systems current by regularly downloading database updates during your subscription period.

Monthly Updates

Based on frequency of change, we recommend you download the latest version of this particular database on a regular basis.

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Immediate download link from our site, a free utility for custom files, or an FTP directory (upon request) auto updated as new releases occur.


Anytime a ZIP Code boundary covers more than one city, this file has each city listed as a separate record with the primary city clearly marked. That makes around 60,000 legitimate records for the United States. More records simply means more duplicates or errors. This file is very clean and appropriately lean. Its data is standardized to ensure consistent spellings and uniform naming conventions.

Meaningful Latitude and Longitude Database

We target population based center points instead of geographical centers that often fall in uninhabited areas such as parks, business districts, lakes, golf courses, etc. For example, the geographically center of ZIP Code 10023 would fall in Central Park! We guarantee that our lat/long is better than you can find elsewhere.

Standard Place Names

Our US ZIP Code Latitude and Longitude Database goes to great lengths to assure all the cities and towns are consistently labeled. By eliminating deprecated and misleading city records, the overall record count is reduced. Other products may have thousands of erroneous records added to the database.

Methodical Verification

Our precision and accuracy is a result of manually verifying the data and comparing it with multiple resources. Once an anomaly has been identified, we refine our algorithm to account for it. Learn more: View the Product Documentation / Watch why population-based centers are best / How to Develop a Locator / Watch our Accuracy Matters video.

Database Specs

Free FTP/SFTP (upon request)

To automate database updates via your script, we provide an FTP access. Just request it after purchase.

Data Format

Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Text File

Multi-Cities per ZIP

If a ZIP Code boundary covers more than one city, each city is listed as a separate record (a sequence number indicates the primary city/town based on greatest population to the least).

Bonus: Included with the standard download is an extra file containing one record per ZIP Code for those wanting primary city only (thus, fewer records).

5 Digit ZIP Code

Official U.S. Postal Service five digit ZIP Code

ZIP Type (Business, Military, etc.)

U.S. Postal Service type codes:
B = Single High-volume Address
M = APO/FPO Military
E = P.O. Box Only
No value indicates standard general delivery


Official U.S. Postal Service state abbreviation

State FIPS

Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 2‐digit state. FIPS codes are not available for all areas (APO, FPO, some U.S. Territories).


The name of the county in which the ZIP Code is found.

County FIPS

Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 3‐digit county. FIPS codes are not available for all areas (APO, FPO, some U.S. Territories).


Official city name used by the U.S. Postal Service


Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 5‐digit place (city/town). FIPS codes are not available for all areas (APO, FPO, some U.S. Territories).

City Type Indicator

U.S. Postal Service city designation: P=Primary City, A=Acceptable City, N=Non‐Acceptable City.

City Rank by Population

A sequence number applied to each city/town within a single ZIP Code indicating the greatest population to the least for that ZIP Code.

Latitude and Longitude

Lat/Lon: Approximate ZIP Code center point. When available, we use population‐based center points instead of geographical centers (which may fall in a lakes, airports, golf courses, forests, etc.)

MSA Codes (Metro Statistical Area)

Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) codes are greater metropolitan areas as defined by the U.S. Office of Management & Budget. These areas usually represent the surrounding county or counties (if within commuting distance) of a city having 50,000 plus inhabitants.

Area Codes

Primary area code for each ZIP Code.

Time Zones

Standardized based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Time zones range from ‐5 (Eastern Standard Time) to ‐10 (Hawaiian Standard Time).

Daylight Saving Time Flag

Indicates if Daylight Savings Time is observed in that ZIP Code.

Database Sources

We are licensees of USPS database products, but we enhance our ZIP Code latitude and longitude database based on decades of experience to provide you with the most accurate product available.

Affordability and Simplicity

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Cannot be resold, transferred, or used to compete with (as outlined in our license agreement).

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