Congressional Districts by ZIP Code

The very latest Congressional Districts Data for 2024

What is my congressional district?

This file contains districts and representatives for the current 118th Congress by ZIP Code. There are two versions of this product: Standard and Extended. See comparison chart and watch video below for a brief explanation.

It’s common to have multiple congressional districts within a ZIP Code area. A district may cover a tiny portion, or all of it. For this reason, we include an estimate of the ZIP Code coverage area for each district. We use multiple sources, including our own plotting, to maintain a complete and accurate Congressional District to ZIP Code relationship.

Specific to our extended version...

The districts are re-drawn every 10 years, most recently in 2022.

Standard Version Extended Version
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ZIP Code
District Number
Price & Ordering
Coverage Area %
Rep. First Name
Rep. Last Name
Rep. Nickname
Vacancy Flag
Population %
2020 Voting Statistics
Total Population ZIP Code – or – District Level ZIP Code/District (combined) Level
Racial Breakdowns ZIP Code – or – District Level ZIP Code/District (combined) Level
Minor & Adult Pop. ZIP Code – or – District Level ZIP Code/District (combined) Level
Population Density ZIP Code/District (combined) Level
Housing Breakdowns ZIP Code/District (combined) Level
Adult Pop. by Race ZIP Code/District (combined) Level
Documentation Specs (standard) Specs (extended)

Field Details - All Versions

ZIP Code

Official U.S. Postal Service five digit ZIP Code

District Number

2-digit Congressional District number. Notes: ‘98’ is used for U.S. territories such as Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands which have congressional delegates, but not true representatives. Also, if there is only one district for a state (due to low population, such as Alaska), the district ‘99’ will be used.


Primary City for this ZIP Code


Primary county for this ZIP Code.


Official U.S. Postal Service State Abbreviation

Sequence Number

Rank given to ZIPs with more than one district (primary, secondary, etc)

Coverage Area %

Estimated District coverage percentage (some ZIP Codes span more than one district).

Rep. First Name

Representative's first name may include middle initials.

Rep. Last Name

Representative's last name may include a suffix such as ‘Jr.’.

Rep. Nickname

Representative's nick name, if applicable.

Vacancy Flag

Contains ‘Y’ if the seat is currently vacant, otherwise ‘N’.

Extended Version Only

Population %

Population percentage of a ZIP Code within a district.

Total Population

Total population of a ZIP Code within a district.

Population Density

Population per square mile of a ZIP Code within a district.

Total Housing Units

Total Housing Units plus breakdown of Occupied, Vacant and Percentage of Vacant Housing Units.

Racial Breakdowns

Racial Breakdowns: White, Black, Indian, Asian, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Other Race, White/Non-Hispanic, Hispanic, and Multi-Race.

Minor & Adult Population

Total population under age 18 and total population 18 and older

Adult Population by Race

Total Over 18 broken down by the racial breakdowns above

Database Sources

We are licensees of USPS database products, but we enhance our database based on decades of experience to provide you with the most accurate product available.

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