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Our 2019 Census ZIP Code Demographics contain the latest statistics. We have 2010 Census demographics for those stats that only change every 10 years, plus population estimates and other Census demographics which are released annually. Unique to GreatData: we release population projections for 5 and 10 years out at the ZIP Code level.

Our goal for this database is to make ZIP Code Census data both easily accessible to the non-programmer (we have a great Excel Spreadsheet, already formatted) and to save valuable hours for the programmer. Also unique to GreatData is our Census Data Extractor which allows you to pick and choose only the Census Demographics that you need and create your own custom file.

See the ‘Database Specs & Features’ section (right) for the ZIP Code Census Data included in this product and how it is categorized (population by ZIP Code data, age data, etc.) Mouse-over any category for more detail. Included with this ZIP Code Census database is a valuable online tool that allows subscribers to pick and choose fields and even combine multiple fields. For instance, if you need a quick statistic of all kids from birth to age 17, the raw Census by ZIP Code data has these separated by male / female and then further separated into age categories: 0-4, 5-9, 10-14, 15-17. Our extractor tool can combine males, females, and each age group in a single summary. Additionally, you can filter results by certain states, ZIP Codes, median income, medium ages, etc.
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ZIP Code Demographics Database

This data subscription includes access to our Census Pro data extractor utility for customizing downloads. You can pick and choose just the fields that you want, summarize several fields into one, and more. To demo the extractor, click here (at Login: use for the user and password)

For current subscribers to this product, click here for full access to all of our Census ZIP Code Demographics data.

Our ZIP Code Census Dempgraphics database product is tied to a ZCTA, which is an approximation of a ZIP Code, but usually not an exact match. Our Census by ZIP Code data has been created by parsing out data from multiple extracts of ZIP Code Census data and other sources. Some US Census data can be found on the Census Bureau's site, but we've found it difficult to get it the way most people want to format it, so we created this tool.

Important note: There are about 33,000 ZCTAs and over 41,000 ZIP Codes. The ‘extra’ ZIP Codes are mainly PO Boxes and business ZIP Codes where there are no residences. This product only contains ZCTAs. We have a Parent ZIP Code Product  which maps PO Boxes and other ZIPs which don't have a ZCTA (they are called 'Point ZIPs') to the 'parent' ZIP Code (a nearby ZIP with Census demographics).

If your needs differ from our current offering, please contact us. We have more ZIP Code Demographics data internally that might suit your requirement.

Learn more: View the Product Documentation / Watch our Census Pro video / Watch our Accuracy Matters video

Database Sources

We are licensees of USPS database products, and use Census by ZIP Code data from multiple authoritative sources, but we enhance our ZIP Code Census Database based on decades of experience to provide you with the most accurate product available.

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