ZIP+4 Latitude and Longitude Database

Geocoded 9 Digit ZIP Code Database

Starting with the latest USPS ZIP+4 database containing over 47 million records, we match each ZIP+4 to its latitude and longitude coordinates. We have a high percentage of our records geocoded accurately at the ZIP+4 level (a record without an exact match will have the latitude and longitude of the ZIP Code). In order to keep the file size to a minimum, we’ve combined ZIP+4 ranges that have the same latitude and longitude. We currently have over 32 million because the file is so precise.

If you want to find the Latitude and Longitude from an address, this ZIP Plus 4 database is the correct product for you. Note: a ZIP+4 is usually a segment of one side of a street and may include many addresses. For that reason, it is not suitable for pinpointing exact addresses but is significantly more granular than normal ZIP Code geocodes.

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Highly Accurate

At GreatData, we earnestly pursue creating databases that are current, accurate, and precise. Quality over quantity is our commitment to you.

Annual Subscription

Keep your systems current by regularly downloading database updates during your subscription period.

Quarterly Updates

Based on frequency of change, we recommend you download the latest version of this particular database on a regular basis.

Free FTP Download

Due to file size, an FTP directory will be provided and updated, as new releases occur, for the duration of the annual subscription.

ZIP+4 with Latitude & Longitude

As mentioned in the summary, we reduce the overall file size by combining ZIP+4 ranges within the same latitude and longitude. For example, an address with the ZIP+4 of 12345-0800 would match to the first record shown below because 0800 is within the range of 0001-0999.

Database Specs

Free FTP/SFTP (upon request)

To automate database updates via your script, we provide an FTP access. Just request it after purchase.

Data Format

Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Text File

5-digit Zip Code

This is the Official U.S. Postal Service five digit ZIP Code.

4-digit (+4) Range Start

A 4-digit Beginning +4 Number. This is the starting range for the ZIP+4 code.

4-digit (+4) Range End

A 4-digit Ending +4 Number. This is the ending range for the ZIP+4 code.


The Latitude is a number followed by up to 6 decimal positions.


The Longitude is a number followed by up to 6 decimal positions. A negative sign indicates the Western hemisphere.

Database Sources

We are licensees of USPS database products, but we enhance our ZIP Code latitude and longitude database based on decades of experience and geocoding millions of addresses to provide you with the most accurate product available.

Affordability and Simplicity

  • Cost Effective
  • One Year Access
  • Updated Quarterly
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Unlimited User Licensing Available
  • Supplemented with demographic and marketing data
  • We are a U.S Company - Live, Free Technical Support
  • Money Back Guarantee


Cannot be resold, transferred, or used to compete with (as outlined in our license agreement).

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