Free ZIP Code Database vs. Commercial Products

ZIP Code Database Alternatives (free & low-cost)

Our sources and verification processes deliver products based on very high standards. We believe most businesses will yield a greater return on investment by choosing a superior product. However, we also understand not every purpose requires this level of quality.

Navigating the low-end Market

You can buy repackaged USPS ZIP Code data from several sources for under $50 and often can get census data for free. When choosing, a little research and some familiarity will help. reviews

Here are some tips:

Critical Considerations

As mentioned, some free or low-end ZIP Code data is derived from Census data. zcta versus zip code

Watch our ZCTA vs. ZIP Code video.

Others use straight USPS data. It goes without saying, free or low-end data offerings usually can’t bear the overhead of extensive data cleansing (and USPS data is not clean). However, we're already assuming that is acceptable in your case, so lets focus on other things to be on the look-out for.

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